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Rewire Security 104-Pro Magnetic GPS Tracker Rewire Security 104-Pro Magnetic GPS Tracker
Rewire Security 104-Pro Magnetic GPS Tracker

Car crime is on the rise, this is partly put down to the increased use of keyless entry and once your car has left your drive it could be miles away within a matter of an hour, GPS Trackers are a great way of knowing where your car is at all times.

The 104-Pro Magnetic GPS Tracker from Rewire Security comes with a pre-configured sim card (pay as you go) making it ready to go straight out of the box. It can be attached to flat metal surfaces such as under a car or even a container thanks to the incredibly strong magnets. The location can then be accessed in real-time, whenever, wherever by using the GPlive cloud tracking software, you can call the tracker via your phone and the tracker will respond by sending you a text message with its exact location via a google map link. To access this service, you will need to pay the monthly subscription of £15 for 3 months, this includes unlimited web software and mobile app use. There are four power-saving modes to choose from depending on the journey it is taking, get live tracking for up to 30 days or 1 update a day will provide up to 4 months battery life.

If you have a fleet of vehicles or valuable possessions that need keeping an eye on one at a time it’s easy to swap the tracker around, however if you need multiple trackers, they can be hardwired into any vehicle with a 12v or 24v power supply. Tracking isn’t the only thing this device can do, by sending a text message you can remotely cut the vehicles power and immobilise the vehicle if it is stolen. You can also receive alerts when the vehicle leaves a Geofence Zone, when it exceeds a set speed limit or even if it just moves at all, you can also check back on all the recent alerts triggered and all the routes it has taken over the past 3 months. You can also access more detailed information on a journey including what the vehicle was used for, where it has been and the total mileage it has travelled. Customised reports can be obtained on driver behaviour, mileage and fuel-based telematics. The app is easy to use with clear dashboard to receive the important information at a glance and personalise it to provide the details you need. The 104 GPS Tracker is a highly capable piece of kit, intuitive to use it is great for home security or small businesses. Know exactly what is happening with your vehicle from anywhere in the world. RRP £89.99

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This clever GPS tracker goes above and beyond on keeping you in the loop about your vehicle.
  • Strong magnetic base removes installation hassle
  • Set Geofence Zones, Movement Alarms and Speed Alarm
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Intuitive GPSLive APP
  • Low cost subscription
  • Receive locate with a quick call
  • Review route and alert history
  • Push notifications
  • Can be wired into a vehicle
  • Robust, weatherproof construction
  • Not restricted to only vehicles
  • Sim needs topping up