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Sneeboer & Zn Old Dutch Trowel Sneeboer & Zn Old Dutch Trowel
Sneeboer & Zn Old Dutch Trowel 5

This year has been the summer of appreciating what you have at home, with lockdown many people have rediscovered a love for their gardens, with a little bit of time and focus you can turn your outdoor space, not matter how big it is, into a little oasis. Sneeboer & Zn was created by Arie Sneeboer in 1913, a family run business that is internationally known for its high quality, stainless-steel, hand-forged garden tools. What makes these tools stand out is the marriage of old and new design, tweaking only what needs to be improved on equipment that is centuries old. Produced by craftsmen who use traditional hand-forging techniques the company is now preparing for the 4th generation to take over and continue moving from strength to strength.

We received the Planting Trowel Old Dutch, which comes with a 22cm Cherry wood handle, 14 x 13cm head making it 42cm in total and weighing 0.45kg. This planting trowel has been created with ultra-sharp sides and a pointed end that effortlessly cuts through the earth, the wide head can shift a lot of soil in one movement. Designed to be used for planting bulbs, seedlings and small plants it can also help with breaking and turning the soil in flower beds. The sharp edges also make light work of separating smaller perennials and the forged stainless-steel construction means you have a lifetime of service before that edge will become blunt. The handle is a comfortable size for both small and big hands and the extra length makes it easier to reach over plants to get to the back of beds, the flat head prevents other plants from being disturbed. We loved this trowel its feels quality in your hands but if that’s not enough to convince you it might be worth noting that Monty Don (the presenter of Gardeners’ World) regularly reaches for this tool. We agree with the founder when he said, “One who once has held a Sneeboer tool in his hands never wants anything else.” RRP £52.60

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A high performing garden trowel that will become a staple item in your shed.
  • Long, comfortable handle
  • Wide and flat head
  • Forged stainless steel
  • Sharp edges
  • Versatile
  • Solid construction
  • Personalised engraving (+£5.30)