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Tapo L530B Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb, Multicolour Tapo L530B Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb, Multicolour
Tapo L530B Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb, Multicolour 5

Another high performing and reasonably priced piece of smart home tech is the L530B Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb, we received the Multicolour version and at the perfect time too, our dimmer switch just broke.

Rather than attempt to fix the switch we thought we would give the bulb a go to see what it can do, this bulb has over 16,000,000 colour hues to choose from, it produces up to 806 lumens of white brightness (that’s the 60-watt equivalent) with a dimming range from 1% to 100%. Just like the Tapo camera it’s easy to connect, simply follow the on-screen prompts after downloading the app and connect the bulb to the home WiFi system. There is no hub required to work this bulb, if you already have Tapo products you can add it to the eco system on the app, the voice control options mean you can ask Alexa or Google to switch the lights on without getting up from the sofa, if you need to keep your voice down you can use the app as a remote.

The app lets you create a range of lighting scenarios by customising the brightness and light temperature that fit in with your daily routine. To start with you can set the bulb to automatically switch on and off to coincide with the sunrise and sunset, it can then be taken a step further by choosing a natural light in the morning to help you wake up, something a little cooler in the day to keep you focused before easing into a low and warm light to help you wind down in the evening.

There are preset scenes you can customise and save to quickly select for some added atmosphere whilst watching your favourite movie, working out or meditating. The Away Mode is great for making it look like someone is home when you are away by turning the lights on/off at random intervals and with the bulb only using 8.7 W for 806 lumen (60 W equivalent) you won’t be coming home to a big electric bill. This bulb has gone above and beyond our expectations, our dimmer switch looks like a tool from the stone age compared to the features available with this smart bulb. RRP £11.99

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This smart bulb lets you play with the on/off, timer, brightness and colour settings, all from your phone or via your voice assistant.
  • Over 16,000,000 colour hues
  • Compatible with Alexa and Hey Google
  • Dimmable
  • Schedule and timer settings
  • Away Mode
  • Easy Setup
  • Energy Saving
  • Create and save preset scenes