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I’ve reviewed plenty of security cameras in the past and most of them seem to suffer from one fault. They are either localised storage only with a cabled power source that can be easily cut or they have external storage via a cloud service that you have to pay for. Well, this thing provides both so I can’t really complain about this one can I? A micro SD card up to 128 Gb can be used or there is the Cloud which is free for the first 3 months.

It’s designed for indoor use so is less of a deterrent to burglary and more of a way to keep an eye on your household while you’re not there. It has all the usual things you would associate with a security camera these days – Human Detection with Smart Tracking, night vision (good up to 12 metres – who lives somewhere with 12 metres indoors!?) and a warning siren with lights as well as noise. You get 2 way communication via the app so it can be used to have a conversation with your nearest and dearest while you’re not able to be home.

One handy feature I quite like is the automated alarm system taking a picture as soon as it is triggered and sending it to your phone while it sets the alarm off, hopefully encouraging the intruder to leave! As the image is in 4MP Super HD, it should come out nice and clear, making identification that much easier. The almost 360° horizontal pan and the 155° vertical pan along with the ability to leave it ‘on patrol’ constantly scanning the area should cover most situations.

The one thing that makes this camera stand out from all the others is the fact that it allows you to record up to 3 messages to play depending on what happens. I like this – a personal touch to your home security. RRP £31.99

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Seems to do the job and you have a choice on how to store your footage. The price is very good for what you get too.
  • Decent picture quality
  • Choice of local or Cloud storage
  • Large field of view
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • I still hate paying a subscription for a security service…
  • Not compatible with Wi-Fi 5