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Tenda TX9 Pro AX3000 Tenda TX9 Pro AX3000
Tenda TX9 Pro AX3000 5

Wi-Fi and router technology is constantly growing and we’re learning more and more as we go on. This router (Wi-Fi 6 by the way) seems to come out swinging with so many bells and whistles, I hardly know where to start, but start I must! The processor in the router is a Dual-Core 1.6GHz (good enough for most laptops to give you an idea of its capability) and the software uses this processing power to basically ‘package up’ the information flowing through your Wi-Fi. Multiple devices connected to the router have their info combined in to one data packet which allows each device to receive data simultaneously rather than one at a time, ensuring better connectivity for all devices.

To better facilitate this, those funky looking antenna serve a pretty important function. They are omni-directional and 6dBi (less likely to get blocked by physical objects) and so the signal gets through intervening walls and obstacles with ease, which is a good thing as, if you have young children running around, putting those pointy looking antenna out of the way next to a wall is no longer a problem! The TX9 Pro also utilises BSS Coloring (If there are other signals in range then the router will switch its ‘colour’ to a different one, effectively cancelling out the other signal) to ensure no interference from other devices and also has a healthy number of IP addresses to cater for more devices.

You also have features available such as setting up a guest network, parental controls, a timer and the ability to set up a blacklist of sites you want to bar access to. Finally, it also has a USB 3.0 port for a storage device that allows you to then create your very own Cloud storage that you can access from anywhere. RRP £69.99

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A very affordable router that seems to do everything you need and more!
  • Supports multiple devices – great for busy households
  • Your own Cloud storage
  • Works well through walls
  • Guest network option
  • At this price, can’t think of any!