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As myself and my partner found out recently, a worn-out battery in a car is no easy thing to deal with! Cost us a fortune in charging up the jumpstarting kit all the time and when we finally got it to the garage to change it, that cost us quite a bit too. All-in-all, if we’d had an inkling it was going to be that much of a nightmare to sort out, we wouldn’t have left it so long and we could have done things to extend the life of the battery, which is where this little gadget from Topdon earns its pay.

You simply connect this device to your car battery using the clamps provided and away you go. The BT100W has access to a vast battery library so the chances are that you’ll be able to find your particular battery in the first place and then you can start running tests. You have the simple battery test, a cranking test and a charging test available to you but the handy thing with using this battery tester is the app. Once you have access to this, a whole world of analytical tools are at your fingertips allowing enhanced data analysis and giving you the ability to generate test reports that can be held in a folder so you can access historical data and get a real picture of your battery’s journey and when it’s starting to get too old.

The screen on the tester itself is perfectly adequate for telling you what you need to know but, perhaps unsurprisingly, the app is much more user-friendly and it’s safe to say the BT100W, while perfectly operable on its own, definitely improves when you get the app. There are 8 different languages available on the tester itself and this increases to 9 when making use of it (Chinese being the additional one with the other languages being mostly European but Russian and Japanese are in there too).RRP £55.20

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A relatively inexpensive battery tester/analytical tool that could help save you some money in the long-term, especially useful for those that rely on driving a lot in their jobs.
  • Easily accessible historical info
  • The accompanying app
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • None – does exactly what it says on the tin!