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Babolat Pure Strike VS Unstrung Babolat Pure Strike VS Unstrung
Babolat Pure Strike VS Unstrung 5

Babolat have completed their VS range with the Pure Strike VS to join the Pure Drive and Pure Aero, the VS series takes the regular model and makes a few subtle changes that performance players will benefit from. Designed for high-skilled attacking players who take the ball early and go for maximum control and precision, the VS features a smaller head size 97 square inches instead of 98 for extra precision, but it is better protected from scrapes with the court surface. This racquet has a 626 cm² head size with a 68.5cm length and weighs 310g unstrung, it has a 31cm unstrung balance, a swing weight of 295, uses a 16/20 string pattern and a 67 +/- 7 stiffness rating. It comes unstrung in grip sizes 2, 3 and 4 and offers a flexible centre for high levels of control, ideal for those looking for security without lift.

The broader head frame gives greater stability on impact letting you catch the ball early with good feedback to the hand, the attractive natural looking leather grip is firm and has excellent traction, it ensures superb transfer of the ball’s impact. This racquet is all about control, the frame has been developed with a square beam frame that has the energy of an elliptic beam structure. The bumper shield is longer and thicker, specifically designed to protect the frame and strings during frequent use and low shots, standard racquets fit the bumpers from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock, but on the Pure Strike VS has been extended from a 9 to 3 o’clock position for more protection from abrasions. The Pure Strike VS is a perfect racquet for an attacking style of play by balancing power and control in a flexible frame that’s both highly responsive and robust. £229.99

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The new Pure Strike VS completes Babolats VS range.
  • High levels of control
  • Firm grip
  • Responsive
  • Suited for attacking style of play
  • Flexible frame
  • Extended bumper shield