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CORNER Boxing Trackers 3.5

One of the exercises my old activity tracker used to have trouble recognising was boxing, it would provide very limited data on how much effort I had put in even when I was dripping in sweat at the end of a session.

The CORNER Boxing tracker has been specifically created for tracking your boxing sessions via two little sensors that measure up at just 25 x 35 x 8mm and weigh just 20g per pair, you will also get two CORNER wristbands to secure them during your session. These small but tough little trackers are sweat and water resistant as well as hit proof (if only they made you hit proof too). They are comfortable to wear, simply pop them in the wristbands, slip on the wrist bands and strap on your gloves or straps or attach them to your own hand wraps, you will forget they are even there. The CORNER trackers provide you with 7hours of battery life and are effortless to set up, just download the free CORNER app, attach the trackers then connect over Bluetooth, you will need to ensure your smart device remains within range during your work out for a consistent connection. You can then get feedback on your punch rate, speed and power all in real time, it will also find trends in the punches and combinations you throw (straights, hooks and upper cuts), the sensors will automatically detect the start and end of your session.

You can set goals within the app to keep you motivated on improving with every workout, set the round and rest intervals for the training session or use the Manual Timing to start and stop each round using the controls in the app. CORNER are looking at adding a new feature that will allow you to connect with friends, interact with them and see their workout as well as compete in weekly leader boards. Those looking for calorie counting, or heart rate feedback will need to wear an additional tracker as the CORNER boxing tracker doesn’t flood you with information, however, they are fun to use and you will gain a better insight into your training sessions and motivation to push harder and faster with each workout. RRP £89.99

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Become more motivated during your boxing workout sessions with real time feedback from these handy boxing trackers.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Real time feedback
  • App easy to read
  • Measures punch rate, speed and power
  • Discover your combination trends
  • Set goals within the app
  • More info/functions could be provided on the app