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DU Smart Soccer Ball DU Smart Soccer Ball
DU Smart Soccer Ball 4.5

There are plenty of trackers out there to measure your movements and heart rate, but just because you are running around for an entire football match does not mean you don’t lose control of the ball as soon as it touches your footy boot.

The Smart Soccer Ball from DU (dribble up) is a clever football (or soccer ball depending on where you are from) that gives you one to one training when it comes to footwork. Skilled footwork can be directly applied to the game giving you better control over the ball and maybe help you pull off some sweet tricks. The Smart Soccer Ball can be used in a few different ways, the app will work with any phone or tablet with iOS 10+ or Android 7+ and can also be connected to a TV via Apple TV or Chromecast.

The ball itself is a high-quality, durable football available in size 4 or 5 and meets regulations of both size and weight, the distinctive yellow design has been constructed so it won’t fade over time, making it easy to distinguish from the other non-smart footballs (bless ‘em). The instructions are fool proof, download the app, choose your program level, set up the included smartphone stand, you then need to step back 3ft so the app can sync up with the ball, once it is synced you can move the ball around freely. The next step is to choose from the wide range of workouts (warm ups included), you will be given a demo of the exercise via the virtual coach then a target appears on screen and it is your turn to follow suit. The system aims to build muscle memory as well as improving those all-important muscles along with cardio strength.

You can improve footwork and ball control skills with structured 30-day programs, then you can look to move from the basics to more advanced skills with drills taught by professional soccer trainers. Each session is different and with the option of increasing the intensity the ball keeps you interested and keen to push your skills further, we found it easiest to use when connected to the TV but this does mean you risk knocking over said TV if you get a bit too vigorous. The DU Smart Soccer Ball is great for budding footballers, helping them improve their skills, confident in the knowledge they are nailing every move properly and even if you don’t have the premier league in sight this ball provides a fun and effective workout. RRP £84.69

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The DU Smart Soccer Ball is an innovative way to improve your footwork away from the pitch
  • Lots of varied drills
  • Effective tracking
  • Easy to use
  • Good physical workout
  • Can be connected to the TV