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For most of us, getting a massage is a bit of a luxury – they don’t come cheap! Although this Pro Massager from Homedics clearly won’t replace a fully trained and qualified masseuse, it’s definitely better than nothing at all after a good work out and a little more immediate too. It’s also handy for helping with your warm up and making sure your muscles are good to go for the workout ahead, this product is a favourite of their brand ambassador Holly Bradshaw. She uses it before and after training to warm up and wind down.

Let’s start with the different types of massage head you get with this. There’s a barrel head for broad areas, an arrow head to target those stubborn knots, a cellulite head which helps to even out the skin where you target it and a ball head for general massaging. The other two heads are what I really like about this kit. One is a heated massager and the other is a cold massager. The heated one heats up to about 47ׄׄ° and really helps to soothe those aching muscles, especially if you suffer with stiff joints. The cold head requires freezing it for about 4 hours before use so make sure you plan ahead, just in case! It’s a very handy tool if you suffer a sprain or over-exert yourself and can help to reduce inflamed areas and bring down your level of discomfort.

The massager itself is well-designed – it’s cordless and light and rechargeable. At the bottom fo the handle is a dial that allows you to set which of the 3 intensities you want. The lowest is 2100 rpm’s, next is 2400 and the highest setting is 3000 rpm’s. They state a battery life of about 3.5 hrs but if you go for the highest setting all the time, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t hit that mark! The handle itself is comfortable and easy to hold and the whole device is well-balanced, making usage straight-forward. RRP £299.99

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A very easy to use, versatile massager with both a cold and hot option on the heads. Won’t replace a real pro but worth the investment.
  • 6 different types of massage head
  • Both hot and cold options
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to transport
  • Angled handle allows easier reach with the massager
  • Instruction manual is very light