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The Evo21 is now available for pre order with a release date of October this year, this 2021 edition of the already popular Evo helmet is a road bike helmet that takes its inspiration from the time trial aero helmets which make sure air resistance and perspiration reduction is an important part of the design. There is a built in, powerful light mounted at the front of the helmet that will angle the light into the road when the cyclist is in the sprinting position whilst the rear lights provide visibility for road users approaching behind you but will also act as indicators and brake lights. It comes in four colours, Purple, Mint, Black and White and is available in Medium (54-58cm) and Large (58-62cm). The Evo21 is packed with tech so it isn’t one of the lightest helmets out there but at 350g it is by no means heavy and is more than comfortable for moderate rides. It has shed some weight thanks to the increase in ventilation, 30% more than its predecessor, this added air is a welcome addition to this helmet and the new inner wind channel system lets more air flow through reducing the build up of heat and moisture and importantly, helmet hair.

Our favourite safety features are still present, the SOS system which connects via your smartphone and with the use of the integrated 3-Axis G-sensor and the patented fall detection will automatically send an SOS message to your emergency contact through the LIVALL RIDING App. The only downside to this is it will require a constant connection to your phone to remain active and this can drain some smartphones batteries, but after my dad’s recent collision with a car it seems a small price to pay for raising the alarm quickly. This system can also be set up to call the emergency services and provides the cyclist’s geolocation as well as flashing the helmet lights for quickly locating and ensuring the cyclist remains visible. The 270° rear lights wrap around the sides of the helmet which optimises visibility whilst providing intuitive signals to road users around you. You can signal your turning and stop clearly right from the handlebar giving you greater control over the bike by keeping your hands exactly where they should be, the brake light activates automatically as you slow down warning those behind you. This upgraded helmet keeps all the safety features that made it so popular and tackles the issues of weight and breathability with its new ventilation, making it a good choice for the city cyclist. RRP £99.99 PRE ORDER NOW – AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2021

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This helmet goes further in terms of safety than just protecting your head from impact.
  • New inner wind channel system
  • 30% more ventilation
  • Bright 360 degree lights
  • SOS system
  • Brake and indicator lights
  • Comfortable fit
  • SOS system can drain phones battery