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Overade Helmet Plixi Fit Overade Helmet Plixi Fit
Overade Helmet Plixi Fit 4

Cycling is a great way to keep fit and save money on travel, however you are more vulnerable on the road, so it is essential the right protective gear is worn, arguably the most important being the cycle helmet.

The downside to this is lugging about a bulky helmet when you reach your destination, the Overade Plixi Fit makes things easier as it can be folded down into a more compact size when not in use. The helmet arrived folded, it was quite easy to work out how to pop it out in to the full sized helmet but packing it down required reading the instructions, however once you know how to do it you won’t forget. The Overade Plixi Fit has a more compact design than some helmets, resembling a ski or skateboarding helmet more than a cycling one (it looks slightly cooler on).

The Plixi FIT has been an evolution of the original Plixi, the dividers are lockable so there is no question that it is correctly assembled whilst the adjustable fit system aims to provide more comfort than its predecessor. It has the same level of protection as a normal helmet and complies with US CPSC & the European EN1078 standard for helmets suitable for pedal cyclists, skateboarders and roller skaters. When folded down the Plixi Fit’s volume is divided by three and measures up at 21x11x16cm, note this isn’t teeny tiny but it certainly takes up less space in a backpack, it could even be squeezed in a large jacket pocket. The helmet weighs 440g in S-M size and 480g in L-XL, there are 14 vents which provide a good amount of air flow, however they are not channelled vents so hotter days could result in a sweaty head still.

For comfort there is an adjustable fit system allowing a precise fit, there are various inner fitting pads with different degrees of thickness and a foam covered chin strap, we have had more comfortable helmets but due to the design this will appeal to commuters, people who are cycling to the shops for example, and it is more than comfortable enough for that, we wouldn’t recommend it for someone competing in a long distance endurance race, but again, that is not what it is made for. The outer shell is made of ABS whilst the inner shell features expanded polystyrene for shock absorption during impact. All things considered the Overade Plixi FIT could be the perfect solution for those looking for short, urban rides with less bulky gear to carry around when you reach your destination, it folds down well without compromising safety and is reasonably priced. RRP €99,00

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Folds down to a third of its size making it easy to store away when you have reached your destination
  • Folds down to a third of the volume
  • Compact storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable Fit system
  • Lockable dividers
  • Vent system could be improved
  • Not suitable for competitive or day long rides