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The Orange Whip Lightspeed The Orange Whip Lightspeed
The Orange Whip Lightspeed 5

The popular Orange Whip already has a big following with people looking to perfect their swing, now its got a younger sibling, the Orange Whip Lightspeed, with 0.50lb knocked of the weight of the original, this club weighs just 1.25lbs and measures up at 43inches in length, that’s 5inches shorter than the original.

This reduction in length and weight has been utilised to instantly increase the speed of the swing by up to 20%, every golfer dreams of being able to hit the ball further and this means you need a faster swing but without compromising your form and balance. The Orange Whip LightSpeed has been designed specifically to increase your clubhead speed while maintaining control, it is super flexible unlike some trainers and suitable for men, women and teens. Whilst trying to increase the balls distance it is easy to mess up the form without realising which can result in the ball travelling shorter distances even when you are hitting it harder, the Orange Whip Lightspeed gets your body used to the positions before building up the weight to a heavier club.

This training aid will provide you the feedback letting you know exactly how it should feel, look and sound on the perfect swing. The Lightspeed is made from a flexible proprietary shaft and that familiar orange counterweight, this naturally promotes the need to swing in rhythm creating speed and synchronisation between the arms, upper body and lower body. The Orange Whip LightSpeed lets you know instantly on the quality of your swing, if you feel wobble it indicates an improvement is needed in the tempo and swing sequence. You will also hear a satisfying swish when you get it right, this addictive noise will encourage you to hit that sweet spot time and time again.

The Lightspeed is suitable for both right handers and left and it pairs with Golf Fitness X streaming workouts, speed training and hitting drills (subscription starts at $19.99pm). One of the best things about the Orange Whip Lightspeed is the simplicity, no apps or complicated technology simply feel, see and hear how you should be moving and repeat, it is as simple as it is effective. RRP $99

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A wonderfully simple and effective way to perfect that fast swing.
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Shorter and faster than the original
  • Increases swing speed by up to 20% instantly
  • Flexible shaft with counterweight
  • Feel, see and hear your swing
  • Get instant physical feedback on the swing quality
  • Designed for men, women and teens
  • Pairs with Golf Fitness X streamable workouts, speed training and hitting drills
  • Suitable for men women and teens
  • Left or right-handed