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Wicked Mega Jump Wicked Mega Jump
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Have you tried skipping as an adult? Like so many things you did with ease as a child it is exhausting as an adult but this is a good thing, this means it is a great low cost way to workout (there is a reason you see boxers do it) as well as being something you and the kids can enjoy together.

The Wicked Mega Jump can be used by adults and children alike although it may be a little short for some taller users, it measures up at 300cm and can be adjusted in length via the quick rope release mechanism. The handles come in either red or blue and fit comfortably in both little and grown up hands, it is lightweight and suitable for beginners or more advanced jumpers, the smooth rotation is created by the high quality ball-bearing axles which allows for speedy jumps like the double-under.

The rope itself is soft enough that if it catches your shins (or face if you are really unlucky) it isn’t going to feel like a whipping, the jump rope has lots of room for advancing skills and there is a bunch of tutorials online where you can learn new tricks like the X and TJ to up your workout and impress your friends, no matter how old you are.
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Great fun for kids or adults alike, plus a good form of exercise.
  • 300cm rope
  • Ball-bearing axle
  • Fast and smooth rotations
  • Quick rope release mechanism
  • Soft rope
  • YouTube tutorials