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Every house I’ve lived in has had a dart board, the dart boards have been used as a pin board, a stress reliever, photo display and more recently, an actual dart board, turns out I’m kind of good at it…when sober. The recent improvement seems to have come from ditching the miss match set of darts that were acquired somewhat illegally from our local pub and getting my hands on some proper darts.

MvG Aspire 26 Gram

We received two sets from Winmau, starting with the MVG Aspire 26 gram, these are a new range from Winmau and are constructed from 80% Tungsten Alloy. These darts have been designed specifically for the modern throw to provide effortless rhythm and power, with precision and an overall professionally stylish design, the Aspire Darts aim to deliver the high levels of performance by accomplishing stable launch conditions. There are 3 darts per set, the flights are MvG Prism Delta standard extra thick with MVG Design Nylon with ring, medium shafts and weigh 26grams (available 20-26grams).

These darts feature a 2BA thread, with a parallel barrel profile, round front profile and weight distributed in the centre, the point is black high tensile with a ring grip profile in both the front and rear and the grip level is rated 4 (1 = Smooth, 5 = Aggressive). The dart is finished with green and black laser etched MvG (Michael van Gerwen) logo and Winmau W logo and measure up at 7.1mm x 50.8mm. RRP £29.95

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Aspria 26 gram

The Aspria are strikingly attractive darts, these also arrived 26gram (also available in 18, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24grams) and are constructed from 95%/85% Tungsten alloy Dual Core technology. The revolutionary bi-directional precision-cut Axis-Grip features the latest CAD CAM machining technology enabling total control and with precise attention to detail.

The unique Dual Core fusion technology incorporating 95/85% tungsten front-loaded billet enables a reliable balance and trajectory to the target, these darts are at the forefront of a new era of dart design and craftsmanship, finished with Genuine Gold Plating and Onyx Coating. There are 3 darts per set and they come with Prism Delta standard extra thick flights and Prism Force medium shafts, the barrel weighs 26grams and they have 6.7mm x 50.8mm dimensions, they use a 2BA thread, a centred weight distribution, parallel barrel profile and elliptical front profile.

The point type is a black high tensile with axis grip located the full length of the dart, the Aspria have a level 5 grip rating (1 = Smooth, 5 = Aggressive) and feature a groove colour finish with gold detailing, a laser etched Winmau W Logo and Onyx Performance Coating surface finish. RRP £65.99

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Sometimes it seems you really can blame the tools not the tradesman as these darts have vastly improved my game play, what works for you is down to the individual and your style of play but if you are looking for an upgrade Winmau have the quality and experience to provide you with what you need.

With their many years of experience Winmau darts will help you hit the target.
  • High quality materials
  • Precise and accurate game play
  • Wide range of weights
  • Stylish design