The Review Smiths
Let’s make something clear before we tell you about this device. These are not earbuds. They are IEM’s (In-Ear Monitors). Although they look very similar, the difference is that IEM’s settle straight in to your ear canal for a more direct sound experience, while ear buds settle on the outer ear. The main advantage here is that the IEM’s, by their very nature, are able to cut out or reduce the ambient noise you would otherwise get from earbuds by ‘sealing’ the ear canal. This way, you can get a clearer sound without having to raise the volume, keeping your ear drums intact!

As well as this, the drivers within these monitors are planar. Normally these tend to be larger but Letshuoer have made a custom 14.8mm planar driver so you can now gain the advantage of planar without having to wear something that looks outlandishly large on your ears. As a result, the sound quality is really good, covering the full audio spectrum and the design makes them less prone to harmonic distortion. As well as this, they’ve actually designed the IEM’s with 2 vent holes to help reduce pressure against the ear drums meaning if you feel the need to turn it up, there’s less likelihood of long term damage to your hearing. The tips come in foam, standard and clear, ranging from small to large size so you should easily find one that fits.

Topping off this impressive set, the cables have been designed to plug in to the IEM’s a little offset from the ear piece so they don’t twist inwards and make your ears uncomfortable. They are also made from silver plated copper wire and so you get a really good sound transference from whatever you’re listening to via the 3.5mm jack. There is also a 4.4mm adaptor for those products that just don’t want to do 3.5mm. RRP £89

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