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Nannio A1 Wireless Earbuds Nannio A1 Wireless Earbuds
Nannio A1 Wireless Earbuds 4

With the Nannio A1 coming in at a mid-range asking price we had some reasonably high expectations of these wireless earbuds, they arrived with a charging case, six EarTips S/M/L, six EarWings S/M/L and charges via a USB-C charging cable.

The first impression was the case was slim and light but perhaps a little too wide, after all when it comes to women’s clothing you are lucky if you can get a pound coin into your pocket. This plastic body feels a bit delicate in places especially around the lid, so it is worth taking a bit of care when opening the case. There are four LED lights to display the battery life on the outside and two on the inside to indicate they are ready for pairing. The earbuds sit neatly in the case with a small gap in the middle to pop them out, if you have larger fingers, you may find it more difficult to pry them out of the case, they aren’t the smallest earbuds out there, with thick protruding stems, however once in the ear they have a low profile and look good. The ear tips are comfortable and hold in place, there are the winged ear tips too which seem too small and in the wrong position to add anything much to the fit, but they can’t be removed as it ruins the overall streamlined finish.

These earbuds have a healthy battery life with 8hours playback and an extra 40 hours with the charging case, with the ANC switched on and higher volumes the battery will run out faster but not dramatically so. The A1’s connect effortlessly over Bluetooth 5.1 for up to a 15m/50ft range and are compatible with both iOS and Android devices, it features ANC (active noise cancelling) technology to help block out external distractions the headphones work by producing a mirror image sound in your ear to cancel out external noise. When switched on the noise cancelling does provide a decent level of reduction of ambient noise without too much distortion, we were suitably impressed. The sound quality equally impressed us, with clean, layered tones up and down the sound stage, the bass could be thickened up a little but overall, it is enjoyable to listen to most genres and it maintains this quality at high volumes. The IPX5 rated waterproof body means they can handle a trip out in the rain and a sweaty session in the gym and if you need to keep one ear out on the world around you both earbuds can be used as a stand-alone headset with mic. The Nannio A1 earbuds haven’t blown me away visually, however it’s the sound that counts and this is where you get what you pay for. RRP £59.99

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These midrange earbuds have effective ANC and a long battery life to keep the noise of the world at bay all day.
  • Enjoyable sound quality
  • Efficient ANC
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Up to 8hours play back
  • Charging case on the large size
  • EarWing not effective
  • Touch controls bit fiddly