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Easyblinds easynight Portable Blackout Blind Easyblinds easynight Portable Blackout Blind
Easyblinds easynight Portable Blackout Blind 5

Spring is easily my favourite time of year, days are getting longer and warmer with the sun making a welcome appearance, the only downside is the sun rising at 5am, forcing its way through my bedroom curtain directly into my eyes. Even if the sun doesn’t wake me up, it wakes the cats up who routinely stomp across my bladder and face in a good morning ritual. When we found out we were expecting a new family member and our sleep routine was going to be if and whenever possible we knew it was time to find a way to block out the sun. The easynight Portable Blackout Blind seemed a logical choice, we don’t need the blackout blind all year, we might want to use it in the nursery, take it to grandparents and on holiday if we ever manage to leave the house again. This blackout blind was awarded Gold for the third time in the Gentle Parenting 2017 awards, designed to be light and compact enough to carry with you in its own carry bag. This blind comes in five sizes to cover windows up to 3m x 1.4m (can be used either horizontally or vertically), it can also be cut to size without fraying, with the XXL can be cut in two to make two smaller blinds if needed.

We received the Large which measures up at 2m x 1.4m and includes 16x Fabric Fastener strips, 16x removable Frame Fastener strips and 10x suction cups for installation. The strong suction cups can be used directly on any window and does a good job at holding the blind in place, these can be use anywhere for temporary installation. The new self-adhesive removable Frame Fastener strips can be used on upvc and wooden window frames, they can be used instead of, or along with the suction cups but are best suited for more permanent use, additional packs of Fabric Fasteners, Frame Fasteners and suction cups are available. The material is silvered on one side for better light and heat reflection, keeping your room both darker and cooler in the warmer months, it also weighs just 170g per square meter making it easier to hang up. After using the blackout blind for a bit, you won’t look back, it is such a convenient way to create a dark and cool space for sleep for everyone in family, wherever you are. RRP £29.95

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This portable blackout blind helps babies, children and adults alike get good quality sleep at anytime of the day.
  • Cut to fit without fraying
  • Versatile installation option
  • Lightweight
  • Silver coating blocks out light and heat
  • Portable carry bag