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Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi-Based Baby Camera Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi-Based Baby Camera
Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi-Based Baby Camera 4

These days it is easier than ever to keep an eye on the ones you love, so it makes sense to be able to check in on the smallest and most vulnerable members of your family, not only do you get piece of mind but also some amazing moments that might ordinarily be missed.

This sweet little camera comes in three colours Pink, Blue or Yellow, the packaging is also rather cute with tiny little foot prints cut out in the boxes, yes, I know it will only end up being discarded, but it still had the aww factor. This camera is constructed from a premium, baby-safe silicone and a long, flexible tail, this can be twisted into position to sit the camera on a table or around the bars of the crib. It is screw compatible so can also be fixed to a tripod or it can be attached to the wall via the included mount, whichever you find the safest option, with the best view of the little one. When it comes to security concerns there is a privacy mode, this keeps indoor monitoring and blocks outdoor streaming, some features such as event video will be disabled in this mode but you can still watch the live feed when your phone is connected to the same WiFi.

The new Gig: Baby DJ allows for calming white noise or classical music to be played in the nursery via the built-in sound machine, including popular tracks such as “vacuum” and “hairdryer”, they might not be your favourite tunes but babies seem to love them. Friends and family can be invited to see babies cutest moments with a link to the Lollipop’s live camera view or a pre-recorded link, you can check in on the live view from wherever you are and the Lollipop will save a 30-second video (7 days) of significant events such as crying or environmental alerts, this means if anything unusual happens, you can go back and review specific events. The features don’t stop there however, the Cry Detection can tell the difference between ambient noises, your child’s cry for attention, if they are crying for you, you will receive an alert to let you know.

The Cross Detection feature lets you set a border inside the cameras view to track movements in your baby’s crib, if anything happens outside the border, for instance if baby’s leg pokes out between the bars you will be notified. The Lollipop camera can be paired with Lollipop’s matching sensor to log temperature, humidity and air quality levels whilst the infrared LED boost night vision and the 4x digital zoom provides a closer look at the environment. Unlike some monitors there is no dedicated monitor or speaker, the app must be open on your smart device for real time feedback, the notifications will pop up if the app isn’t open but this might not be reassuring enough for some, as you are not always aware if your phone battery runs out. The WiFi style connection could also be an issue for those looking for a high security device, the privy mode is reasonable effective but limits some of the features. The image quality is impressive, even in low light as is the zoom, the Lollipop is unable to pan but with your focus being primarily on baby we didn’t find this to be an issue. RRP £145

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High quality images and lots of features to help care for baby whilst you are out of the room.
  • Great image quality
  • LED infrared night vision
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Add extra cameras to the same device
  • Built in sound machine
  • Push notifications
  • Packed with features
  • Check in from anywhere in the world
  • Cry detection and data history
  • Security issues surrounding WiFi connection
  • No dedicated screen or speaker