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Purflo Muslin Squares Sets Purflo Muslin Squares Sets
Purflo Muslin Squares Sets

Let’s face it, babies come with a lot of accessories, its impressive how such a tiny person can require such an array of products when all they seem to do is eat and sleep, if a product can be used for a variety of different things it immediately scores brownie points.

Sometimes it is the simplest products that are the ones that stand the test of time and when it comes to babies, muslin cloth is an absolute staple. The Muslin Square Sets from Purflo are nice and large at 120 x 120cm making them extra versatile, they can be used for swaddling, as a nursing cover, pram blanket, comforter, tummy time and cleaning up messes in an emergency. They come in packs of two either in Ellie the Elephant, Gigi the Giraffe, Ziggy the Zebra prints with a cute little animal on one cloth and the plain stripy pattern on the other.

Theses muslins are made from 100% bamboo cotton, a softer and more sustainable fabric than cotton it also has naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties and gets softer with each and every wash. The fabric is wonderfully light, it will keep baby warm without being restrictive and remains breathable to ensure baby doesn’t get too warm or uncomfortable, this also means it works well as a sunshade over a pram. The silky material is gentle against the skin, if it needs to be utilised to wipe away a little dribble (either baby or yours, we know you are tired, and these things happen) it won’t irritate the skin. These muslins offer great absorption, they can be machine washed and are fast to dry, they can be hung out in the sunshine to naturally bleach away stains. These Bamboo Muslins are multifunctional, long lasting and ultra-soft and the sweet characters make them a great choice for a gift for expectant parents. RRP £24.00

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These will become a reliable and essential item for day to day baby care.
  • Large design
  • Silky soft bamboo cotton
  • Multi-functional
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Breathable
  • Fast drying