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There seems to be an idea that bottle feeding is an easier ride when it comes to babies, well for starters no matter what the reason you are bottle feeding you already have to fight the stigma of using a bottle, on top of everything else new parents have to deal with this judgemental attitude is outdated and unhelpful.

The other issue is the time it takes to make up a bottle when you have a hungry baby waiting, the worst of times being those night feeds when your brain isn’t functioning and you realise you have been waiting for a kettle to boil when it isn’t even switched on. The Sleepy Bottle was the inspiration of Rok Colarič who had taken a holiday with friends and their 3-month-old, he noticed the whole house was woken up during the night by the sounds of the dad boiling water and prepping bottles. The Sleepy Bottle aims to simplify the night time feeds by warming water to 37°C while you sleep, the closable design allows baby formula to be kept dry and separate from the water until it is time to feed your baby ensuring it is fresh and always at the right temperature for when you need it. When baby awakes all you need to do is twist and shake to mix the formula with the water and it’s ready in seconds, of course it can also be used for daytime feeding too.

The Sleepy Bottle can be plugged into a USB port, power bank (no less than 2.1 A and 20000 m/Ah recommended) or thoughtfully a 12V car charger for those who need to prepare formula on the go. You will need to ensure the bottle is always plugged in but thanks to the power bank and car charging option this doesn’t tether you to the house, the teat is made out of quality PP, BPA free plastic and comes with a cover, it is also compatible with Avent classic baby teats and BIBI basic care baby teats.

Aiming to be energy efficient, the low voltage design warms water within 30 min – 40 min (depending on the temperature of the water to begin with), the LED indicator will tell you when the water is ready to use (it switches off after 15 seconds for sleep mode, simply tilt to reactivate) and will also flash if the water has been in there too long, over 10hours. The baby bottle, both parts of cartridge, teat, teat ring and teat cover are dishwasher safe, these can also be put in boiling water and are steriliser safe, the Sleepy Bottle is to be used strictly in the formula/hot water combination, it is not suitable for other liquids or other bottles. At €129 it could price people out, especially when it is recommended that the baby bottle is replaced every four to six months, the teats every two to three months and the cartridges every three months, this can add up to a rather pricey investment.

The Sleepy Bottle is a great idea, the bottle itself is well designed and limits the amount of air baby might swallow, let’s hope they get on with the limited range of teats available. The biggest drawback is the price, for it to be a useful system, you will need at least two or three bottles, that’s another €20, plus having to regularly replace cartridges (another € 8.99 each) and teats (€ 4.59 each), can cost you €230+ for one year. However, if you have the cash to splash it does everything as promised, a great solution for feeding on the go and simplifying those night-time feeds. €129

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Simplify night-time bottle feeds and feeding on the go.
  • Perfect temperature formula instantly
  • Travel friendly with car charger and battery pack options
  • Formula dry until feeding time
  • Intelligent heating control
  • LED lights tell you when the water is warm or should be replaced (with sleep mode)
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • Pricey investment due to replacing components