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Tre Spade TC-8 Inox Manual Meat Mincer Tre Spade TC-8 Inox Manual Meat Mincer
Tre Spade TC-8 Inox Manual Meat Mincer 4

The three crossing swords “Tre Spade” first appeared in 1894 on the body of one of the first Italian coffee grinders, from macinelli (mills) to pepper mills at the beginning of last century, Tre Spade designed the mechanism that is still today unparalleled for its functionality, precision and reliability.

The over 100 years Tre Spade combines a highly industrial vocation and forged metal to create strong kitchen tools from meat mincers to tomato squeezers and sausage fillers. The TC-8 Inox Manual Meat Mincer is a traditional manual mincer made entirely from a strong stainless steel following the same construction design that would be a familiar sight in every home a century ago. There are a few modern updates to ensure longevity and ease of use, it comes with a 6mm plate, 16mm plate, a mincer knife and two sausage nozzles. Measuring up at 10.3 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches and weighing 5.5lbs it arrives in a solid state making it super easy to assemble and get to work and will fit a maximum worktop depth of 40mm via the integrated vice system.

It has solid engineering and completely sturdy body which makes short work of mincing small amounts of fresh meats needed for the week for spaghetti bolognaise or chili con carne or grinding cooked meats for family favourites like shepherds or cottage pie. Then there are the two sausage nozzles which allow you to create your very own bangers and having complete control over the ingredients and flavour of these BBQ favourites. The mincer can also be used with nuts, cooked vegetables, dry bread, and more, when you have finished using the mincer it is easy to disassemble thanks to the removable blade and can be given a clean. It can then be removed for storage, however, we like the look so much we think it’s worth keeping it out on display if you have the space to spare. This tough little work horse is a good addition for home cooks, powering through raw and cooked meats as well as other ingredients for full control and freedom to experiment with your meals. RRP £89.40

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This powerful and compact mincer is a good addition to a home cooks kitchen.
  • Made from all stainless steel
  • Traditional manual mincer design
  • Sausage nozzles included
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning and storing
  • Fits 40mm worktops via the integrated vice system
  • Plastic handle could be more robust