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Browning Recon Force 4K EDGE Browning Recon Force 4K EDGE
Browning Recon Force 4K EDGE 4.5

Many of us experienced the pleasure of discovering just how busy our gardens were last year when we were forced to slow down, this year you don’t need to miss out if you are back at work with the installation of a trail camera to create your very own Spring Watch.

The Recon Force 4K EDGE became the latest addition to Brownings extensive collection of trail cams in 2020, this camera features true 4K UHD video recording at 30 fps and can capture images up to 32MP, delivering wonderfully clear and detailed results. The camera can be mounted in a variety of ways, it comes with a strong metal tree mount built into the back which will grip onto the surface whilst the adjustable strap can be used to secure it. There is also a standard ¼” -20 tripod socket at the base, we found it easiest to attach it to a flexible tripod so the angle can be adjusted precisely to where you need it. The 2inch colour display will run a count down when turned on which lets you line up the frame, although it can be awkward trying to look at the screen without your face getting in the way of the shot. The detection range can be adjusted between 55 and 80 ft as well as two adjustable IR (infrared) flash modes, Long Range and Power Save, for better control over your images at night, the Smart IR will continuously record any wildlife moving in front of the camera after it has been initially detected.

The Force 4K EDGE is compatible with up to a 512GB SDXC memory card although there isn’t one included in the price, the settings will let you choose between saving all your recordings until the SD is full or overwriting older images for continuous use. This camera offers up to a 100 ft. Flash Range, the Illuma-Smart Technology will automatically adjust the IR Flash for the best night photos, you can choose between up to eight multi shot images and up to eight rapid fire images with a programmable picture delay option between 1 sec. and 60 min. Other features include the Timelapse Plus Camera Mode with Infrared Triggered Pictures, the picture info bar that displays Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase and Camera ID and editing is available with the Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software. This camera is powered via eight AA batteries, depending on the settings all the tech in this camera can make it quite power hungry so we would recommend using some high-quality rechargeable batteries, the 12volt External Power Jack is also an option for a reliable power source. The sound quality on the videos won’t blow you away, it picks up a lot of background noise, however it is clear enough to identify animal and bird calls. The Force 4K EDGE is really a force to be reckoned with, the compact (5” x 4” x 2.5”), camouflage, weatherproof body, blends into the environment and provides you with high quality images and videos of all the action that takes place in your garden. RRP £162.32

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Capture all the wildlife activity in your garden in 4K definition.
  • Adjustable Detection Range up to 80 ft. and IR Flash
  • Illuma-Smart Technology
  • Up to eight multi shot and rapid fire images
  • Smart IR Video
  • Programmable Picture Delay (1 sec. – 60 min.)
  • Picture info bar displays: Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase, Camera ID
  • Timelapse Plus Camera Mode, with Infrared Triggered Pictures
  • Built in metal tree bracket and ¼” -20 tripod socket
  • Compatible with Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software
  • Sound quality could be better
  • Power hungry