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Abode Smart Security Kit Abode Smart Security Kit
Abode Smart Security Kit 4.5

This Smart Security Kit from Abode is a foundation kit that can then be built on for a personalised home security system, it comes with the Gateway which is the hub of the system, the Motion Sensor, the Mini Door/Window Sensor and the Key Fob. If you are looking to expand your system this kit can be used to connect up to 160 devices from Abode or their partners including lightbulbs, voice assistants, panic buttons and cameras.

The Abode Smart Security Kit is also compatible with Google Home, LIFX, Yale, Apple HomeKit, Hue, Amazon and many other third parties. One of the things that can put a lot of people off from setting up their security system by themselves is the complicated installation process. Thankfully, simplicity is one of the main focuses of Abode and setting up this security kit is a painless experience, everything in the box is already paired up so all you need to do is plug in the hub to the ethernet and choose where to stick the sensors. There are no tools needed, just download the app and it will walk you through the set up getting everything finished in about half an hour. The Gateway hub connects all your devices, but it also houses the siren alarm which when triggered will kick out a 93dB warning when security is breeched, the Mini Door/Window Sensor can be used to protect the most vulnerable entry point into your home and these attach via a stick-on pad.

The Key Fob lets you arm and disarm the security system (this can also be done from the app), even when it is offline, additional fobs can be assigned to different people so you can see who disarms the alarm. The Motion Sensor uses 110° field of view up to 35ft away, it uses body heat for motion detection. The motion sensor doesn’t seem to be able to differentiate between humans and smaller, furrier residents so Adobe suggests mounting the sensors upside down to detect movement at a higher level, just be aware if your pets like to jump on counters. Like many systems of this kind there is a monthly plan, and it cannot be used without one, there are four to choose from with the cheapest costing £3.99p/m. This includes 4G back up connectivity if you lose your internet connection, One-touch arm/disarm from the app, push notifications and on demand 24/7 monitoring when you are away from home. The Abode Smart Kit allows for a precise personalised set up with loads of accessories to choose from, the app is intuitive, the installation so easy, connectivity reliable and a large collection of third parties makes this set up one of the most user friendly we have come across in this price range. RRP £275.99

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Don’t let the fear of complicated tech put you off securing your property with this user friendly smart security kit.
  • Speedy and effortless installation
  • Low-cost basic plan
  • Highly customisable system
  • Intuitive app
  • Long battery life on motion and door/window sensor
  • Multiple third party compatibility
  • Motion sensors aren’t pet proof
  • Subscription only