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Anova Precision Cooker Pro Anova Precision Cooker Pro
Anova Precision Cooker Pro 5

The Anova Precision Cooker Pro basically allows you to cook in this style at home and with what seems to be a great level of control. It’s accurate to within 0.05 Degrees C and can heat up to 100 litres of water effectively and to the same temperature all the way through. It’s like a portable heating element basically. Imagine a kettle without the containing part that holds the water and with a touchscreen level of control of the temperature. Now imagine that your kettle actually regulates the temperature by pushing the water around. That’s pretty much what you’ve got here.

It’s better made than your average kettle: Aluminium, Teflon and Stainless Steel go in to this. It seems quite durable and it’s got a decent cord length of 53” so you hopefully won’t need to balance you’re water container too precariously!

Which means I have to finish with the downside and that is that most of us don’t have fully equipped massive kitchens at home with lots of space. Not to mention large containers handy to hold all that water, although you could probably make do with a large saucepan. Just please be careful, especially if you’ve got little ones with grabby hands…

The chef in me wants this badly however, Sous-Vide at home? Yes Please! RRP £369

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Sous-Vide at home? Yes Please!
  • Extremely well made from aluminium, Teflon, & stainless steel
  • Very precise temperature control
  • Strong, powerful, brushless motor
  • Extremely long operational period
  • Can heat large volumes of water
  • Excellent touchscreen
  • 2-year warranty
  • Extra level of safety needed when little ones are about
  • Quite a lot of water to use in times when we’re all being a little more environmentally conscious.