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Arlo Ultra 4K Camera Arlo Ultra 4K Camera
Arlo Ultra 4K Camera 5

Just when you thought Arlo home security cameras were already full to the brim of features, along comes the Ultra 4k, this powerful little camera is overflowing with technology to help keep your property and loved ones safe.

Let’s take a deep breath and dive right to see what the Ultra has to offer; the image quality is excellent thanks to the high-performance 4K HDR lens, with crisp, clear details and a large 180-degree field of view without distortion, you won’t miss a thing. The integrated spotlight will switch on when motion is detected and paired with the enhanced coloured night vision means you get coloured video at night instead of grainy black and white images. This bright light will also help to deter unwanted visitors by spot lighting them the moment they get too close to your property. The HDR levels out bright and shadowy spots of your land ensuring the correct exposure for a clear view in all areas.

A feature we love is the auto-zoom and tracking, this will detect movement, someone sneaking around into your back garden for example, zoom in on them to get all the details and then track them as move around, not missing a moment.
The Ultra 4K has the same elegant shape we have seen in their other cameras, looking tasteful on your property but obvious to dissuade strangers. The versatile multi-axis mount makes installation a straightforward process and lets you get the perfect angle, whilst the magnetic charge cable makes it easy to recharge the battery when needed, which should last up to 6 months. The dual, noise-cancelling microphones reduce background noise like wind, rain and street activity, so you hear what you need to hear, and the robust weather-resistant body is suitable for both inside and out.

If you just want to use the camera subscription free you can access live streaming and set up notifications but to get all the benefits, there are two plans to choose from. The Premier and Elite plan open up all the extra features with the Premier costing £2.49/mo. (£7.99 for up to 5 cameras) and the Elite costing £3.99/mo. (£12.49 for up to 5 cameras).
Both plans deliver the cloud video history up to 30 days, live video streaming, standard notifications, interactive notifications, person, vehicle, animal detection and package detection to let you know when the post arrives. It also opens up the cloud activity zones which lets you set up specific areas to focus on, and the call a friend function, the only difference is Premier records in 2K and the Elite records in 4K. The app is intuitive and easy to work your way around, it might time a few days to get the settings just the way you want them with so many options but it’s all laid out in a straightforward manner and fast to respond. Other features include (yes there are more) the two-way audio, letting you speak to people on your property, a smart home siren that can be automatically or manually triggered and it is also compatible with Apple Watch, Google Home Hub and Amazon’s Alexa. What can we say, the Arlo Ultra 4K is a superb camera, highly versatile letting you set things up just the way you need for your property and lifestyle, the image quality is great, yes it doesn’t come cheap but we believe you truly get what you pay for. RRP £449.99

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This high performing 4K camera is packed full of smart tech and features that will help you keep your property and family safe.
  • 6-month battery life
  • Wireless
  • 4K bright and clear images
  • Enhanced Night Vision
  • Integrated Spotlight
  • 180° distortion free, field of view
  • Loads of features
  • Reasonable subscription plans
  • Easy to install
  • User friendly app