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Freetrain Vest VR and G1 Water Resistant Gloves Freetrain Vest VR and G1 Water Resistant Gloves
Freetrain Vest VR and G1 Water Resistant Gloves 4.5

Freetrain Vest VR

The VR vest from Freetrain is very similar to the V1 vest but with one very obvious difference, the entire outer fabric is ultra-reflective ensuring you are highly visible when running or training in low light. If you are a stranger to these vests their main purpose is to provide you with a convenient place to store your belongings whilst running or participating in other physical activities. Our phones these days are bigger and heavier but also the device people turn use to track their workout, play music and stay connected whilst working up a sweat.

When I first set eyes on the Freetrain Vest I thought why would you choose this over an arm band or a pocket, it didn’t look particularly comfortable, but I was so wrong. The vest is streamlined so that only the essentials are used to ensure there’s no unnecessary bulk whilst keeping things nicely balanced. The VR is comfortable to wear with a fully adjustable waistband to get a precise fit, however the shoulder straps are non-adjustable which is a shame as this would allow more control over the position of the phone. The materials used are durable, lightweight and water resistant, providing a safe, watertight space for your belongings in even the nastiest weather.

The VR holds your phone right in the centre of the chest and is attached via a popper so it can be flipped down for instant access to the screen via a touch sensitive transparent panel without the need to fully remove the phone. The way the phone is positioned on the chest means it moves very little whilst running, keeping you comfortable and not bouncing around like it can do in a pocket. The pocket is designed to fit 99% of modern phones and comes with a phone adapter case to make sure your device has a snug fit, the vest fits chest sizes between 28″ – 48″ chest. The smart materials let the vest expand and mould to your body shape so don’t panic if it feels a little tight in the beginning. There are two extra Velcro pockets on either side that can be used for keys, energy gels or an inhaler as well as a secret pocket inside the phone pouch which can take cash or bank cards. RRP £29.99

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  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Moulds to body over time
  • Belongings don’t bounce around
  • Instant access to your phone
  • Highly reflective
  • Water resistant
  • Breathable
  • Shoulder straps nonadjustable

Freetrain G1 Water Resistant Gloves

To compliment your running vest there are the G1 gloves, these lightweight gloves are water resistant and designed to help your fingers stay warm and dry whilst working out, the textured palms help to give you extra grip on your smart phone or water bottles for example. The touch screen compatible fingertips let you work your phone without exposing your hands to the cold, there is reflective detailing for extra visibility. There is a light amount of insulation in the gloves which is enough to keep your hands warm when active, however if you aren’t getting the blood pumping enough, cycling for example, you may find they are not warm enough for very cold days. For running these are great gloves, not too bulky, they come a good way up the wrist to help prevent drafts whilst allowing for natural movements and grip of the hand. RRP £19.99

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Combine both the VR vest and the G1 gloves for a truly comfortable run with all your belongings close to hand.
  • Silicone grip on the palm
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Reflective detailing
  • Lightweight insulation
  • Not suitable for extremely cold days