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Shakti Acupressure Mat Level 1 Shakti Acupressure Mat Level 1
Shakti Acupressure Mat Level 1 4.5

The idea of trying to relax onto a mat covered in spikes might seem counter intuitive but this form of acupressure has been around for thousands of years, with the belief it can unlock decompression and deep relaxation, improve circulation, invoke a deeper sleep and ease and reset a restless mind amongst other benefits.

The Acupressure Mat from Shakti gets you started on your journey by offering three levels of pressure, Level 1 is recommended as the right place to start for most people and this is the version we received. The Level 1 comes in six different colours, six in the Level 2 and just two in the Level 3, that’s because Level 3 means business and theres no place for colours. The Level 1 has been designed to effectively target tissue and melt away tension and there is no pressure to jump up a level if this works for you, there is a handy quiz on the website to help you choose the right level. It measures up 74cm length x 40cm width x 2cm height and is covered in 230 spikey discs, these mothers are sharp so expect some discomfort in the beginning, getting on and off can be particularly tricky at the start but once you are laying flat then it soon becomes a sort of satisfying heat across your back.

The spikes hold their sharpness over time so plenty of years’ worth of use and the organic cotton and dyes are both planet and skin friendly. The Acupressure Mat is very easy to use, it is recommended to have a 20min session just before bed to start off with, pop a blanket on top for added cosiness. With each purchase, you get a free 5-part Shakti tutorial series to help guide you through your first Shakti sessions, the more you practise the less you notice that discomfort and quickly enjoy the tingling sensation that follows. RRP £59

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Enjoy all the benefits of acupressure at home with this spikey mat.
  • 3 different levels
  • Different colours available
  • Long lasting spikes
  • Promotes relaxation and circulation
  • Organic cotton and dyes used
  • No carry case or strap included