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Letshuoer IEM S15 Letshuoer IEM S15
Letshuoer IEM S15 4

Sometimes, good sound quality is all you’re after and there are plenty of IEM’s out there to suit every kind of taste. This latest set from Letshuoer (Previously just Shuoer) is a planar magnetic set of IEM’s. For those wondering what that is and why it’s relevant, basically, the magnets sandwich the diaphragm and they react more quickly to changes in the audio signal and this in turn enhances clarity and detail. The diaphragm can also be made larger as a result and so capture more of the sound, giving a better overall depth and quality of audio.

And the S15 delivers that. As well as the ‘planar magnetic-ness’ of them, the cables are made of 216 individual strands of silver-plated copper cable and dual-acoustic tubes with a filter crossover – a great way to filter different frequencies so they don’t crowd over each other, adding even more to that depth of audio. In addition, they’ve also added a 6mm ‘passive filtering module’ outside of the planar driver, further refining the audio. The overall sound you get is a warm, rounded noise that does a really good job of drawing you in and immersing you in the music which is surely what you want from IEM’s.

They have even provided for different jack sizes with 3 being provided in the box (2.5, 3.5 & 4.4mm) and all being right-angled. They’re really easy to switch around too so you can happily switch between devices as and when you need to. You get 2 different styles of ear tips (one wider than the other) and 3 different sizes for each set, small, medium and large. The carry case that comes with the set is a round, sturdy plastic box with an almost rubbery feel to it that should keep your ear pieces in good condition between uses and slips easily in your pocket. Pretty easy to find and likely to survive an accidental sitting on too! RRP £258.92

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A very solid set of IEM’s with a great, rounded quality and depth of sound. If you’re happy shelling out for them, chances are you won’t be disappointed!
  • Great depth of sound
  • Caters for different jack sizes
  • Solid carry case
  • 3D printed shell makes for a lighter set of ear pieces
  • Costs more than some would be willing to pay for