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Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2
Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 3

The Sound Platform 2 from Soundfreaq has been designed to be their ultimate home stereo system, it has the ability to wirelessly pair two speakers together so with a little careful arrangement in the living room you can achieve a stereo style, surround sound experience, that does mean you will have to buy two of them however and they aren’t that cheap.

The DSS (Dual System Streaming) allows the two speakers to be paired together as one speaker system splitting the sound between left and right for true stereo separation. The price would be slightly more justified if they looked more stylish perhaps, the chunky profile harks back to the 80’s which is ideal if that’s your style but it didn’t appeal to us, the Platform 2 is also only available in black which lacks subtlety where ever its placed.

This speaker can be connected wirelessly to your phone, PC or tablet via Bluetooth making it compatible with a wide range of streaming platforms as well as your own personal library, the two built in USB ports can be utilised to ensure the phones battery isn’t drained whilst in use. The is a universal device tray that can be slid out to stand a phone or tablet upright, the quality of this could be improved as the plastic is quite thin and rather bendy, I just have images of over excited youngsters (or tipsy grownups) easily damaging the tray.
The FM radio feature offers device free listening but does not support DAB radio, the rechargeable battery means you can enjoy music outside for up to 6hours. The Sound Platform 2 can be controlled remotely from an app downloaded onto your device; however, an independent remote would be handy to operate the speaker without reaching for your phone. The sound quality is reasonable but perhaps a bit underwhelming for the price tag, the volume can certainly be cranked up to easily fill a room, the mid and high tones are nicely balanced but the bass seemed to be lacking for a speaker of this size.

The Sound Platform 2 has some unique and useful traits, but we would expect a few more features in this price bracket, we found it performed best as an outdoor speaker in the garden due to its generous volume and wireless connectivity. RRP $199

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A few extra features and improved design would complement the balance and voluminous sound quality.
  • Balanced sound
  • Easy to operate
  • Built in USB
  • 6hour battery life
  • DSS connectivity
  • Build quality could be improved
  • Dated design
  • Limited features