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Kinderkraft Stroller GRANDE 2020 Kinderkraft Stroller GRANDE 2020
Kinderkraft Stroller GRANDE 2020 4

One of the biggest expenses when preparing for the arrival of a baby can be the travel system, if only these little humans came out with the ability to walk like most other mammals, however there are some more reasonably price strollers out there.

The Kinderkraft Stroller GRANDE 2020 is a reasonably priced stroller that comes in Black, Grey and Burgundy, it is suitable from new-born up to 15kg. One of the first things we noticed is how compact it is, and it arrives pretty much fully assembled, just pop on the wheels and it’s ready to go, when folded it measures at 83L x 57W x 27H cm, when unfolded its 95L x 100H x 57W cm, with a gap between the rear wheels measuring at 57cm. The wide seat is 34cm wide and 21cm deep with a max backrest height at 47cm. The GRANDE 2020 uses large puncture proof rubber wheels, (front 17 cm, rear 25 cm), they are abrasion-resistant and lighter than pneumatic wheels. There is a four-wheel suspension system which makes things smoother over more bumpy terrain and mounting curbs, however it is best suited for urban terrains, if you are regularly off roading air filled tyres and a more robust frame would be better. Most of the features are made from plastic, the brake pedal, folding button and cup holder for example which isn’t necessarily an issue, but it doesn’t feel like the toughest of plastics, it is clear that you are saving money in these areas.

On the flip side it does make the stroller fairly light weighing in at 9.9kg and easy to manoeuvre, it handles tight spaces and corners very well. The adjustable backrest can be lowered to lying position and you can pick the perfect angle anywhere on the strap to stop. When the seat is in the lay flat position there is still a little dip at the bottom and slight raise by the legs, equally when it is raised into fully upright position it is still fairly reclined, this means the straps will have to be loosened and little one will have to hold themselves up to look around. The two-action unlocking system can be used with one hand and the stroller will easily pop up or fold down smoothly, however we found this button would stick now and then, resulting in two hands being used to get it to press in. The brake pedal needs a firm kick to lock the wheels in place, if you are too gentle the brake can pop back up again so it’s always worth double checking it is properly locked.

The GRANDE 2020 also includes a 2kg cargo basket, a 5-point safety belt, 4-position adjustable footrest, cup holder, rain cover and foot muffler, the generous hood can be extended further by unzipping the fastening, there is a mesh window that can be locked up for continuous view and a zip up pocket to keep your phone or purse close to hand. This stroller left us a little conflicted, it very much comes down to priorities, the build quality let it down in places like the sticking fold down button and brake, not being completely upright or completely flat. However, its low cost, smooth handling, compact fold down and lightweight leaves plenty to like, and a good choice for occasional use and urban strolling. RRP £139

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This low-cost stroller is well suited for navigating pavements and tight shopping aisles and folds down neatly when finished.
  • Low cost
  • Attractive design
  • Compact when folded down
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth handling
  • Large canopy
  • Adjustable back panel and foot rest
  • Could be more robust
  • Still reclined in the full upright position
  • Not ideal for very rough terrain
  • Fold button can stick