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Walking in the natural world is wonderful, there is nothing quite like it to raise your spirits, however it is also a form of exercise which means you can end up feel rather tired and need a few moments to recover now and then.

Parking your backside on the ground isn’t always an option, thankfully the Walkstool Basic is a lightweight portable stool that can be deployed when needed for a little break. The Basic comes in two different sitting heights the 50cm (675g) and the 60cm (725g), the max load for the 50cm is 150kg and the 60cm will take up to 175kg, both have a seat size of 32.5cm. The seat is made from a black polyester and is approximately 20% bigger than the size of a normal three-legged stool, the legs are matte grey to match the seat and made from a strong but lightweight aluminium. The telescopic legs set the Walkstool apart as it is the only stool in the world with this set up. The legs simply pull out and click into place, the rubber toe caps are slightly pointed, these dig into the ground when you sit on it giving you a stable foundation.

The Walkstool steady can also be purchased separately for added stability. When packing down the seat and legs are held? together with a Velcro strap, the legs can be slid back in with a push of the red lock button. When the legs are tucked in, they aren’t locked in place so a vigorous shake, perhaps a small jump down from a rock can result in them sliding out so it is worth storing the stool upside down. The legs don’t even need to be deployed at all, if you have good balance and want a lower seat they can be used as they are giving you two heights to choose from, however the taller option is the more comfortable. The Walkstool basic can attach to the outside of your backpack or be stowed within, a carry strap would be useful to carry by hand and the Velcro strap could also be slightly longer just to make it easier to close. The Walkstool Basic is a handy travel companion, letting you take a break when you need it, if you are looking for longer periods of sitting, fishing for example, the Walkstool Comfort is well worth a look.

50cm RRP £38.48
60cm RRP £44.45

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A strong little seat, ready to provide a sturdy resting spot when needed.
  • Two sitting heights
  • Strong polyester seat
  • Sturdy telescopic legs
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Carry handle would be useful
  • Legs don’t lock in place when retracted