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Huion Inspiroy Gaiano Huion Inspiroy Gaiano
Huion Inspiroy Gaiano 4

Last month I reviewed the Kamvas 13 from Huion, a nice little drawing pad. My first impression with the Gaiano was how much larger it was! The screen size rocks in at an impressive 13.6” x 8.5” (larger than a piece of A4) giving artists plenty of room to play around with and get creative. Other than this obvious boon, it also means it works better when paired with large screen devices in comparison to smaller tablets so you don’t lose that resolution. There are non-slip feet on the bottom for added stability and the function keys are textured to aid with finding which one you wish to use so you don’t need to take your eyes off of the creative process itself. As well as this, there’s a handy little LED display in the top left telling you useful things such as the level of Bluetooth connectivity and the battery life of the pen.

Speaking of the pen, it is the PW517 which is a pretty good device all by itself and comes with 5 standard nibs and 5 felt tip nibs as well as being battery free so you don’t have an unrealistic weight pulling the pen about. The felt tip nibs work particularly well with the screen as it’s designed to have a paper texture feel to it and you get a good approximation of drawing on paper when using them which should appeal to more traditional drawing artists. Combined with the 8192 levels of sensitivity it boasts and the ability to work at up to a 60° tilt, most drawing styles should be covered making the whole thing quite ubiquitous.

With little space left, I must mention the exercise warning that pops up every 2 hours, a great addition in my opinion for those that get too wrapped up in their work! RRP £189.99

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A really good drawing tablet that should appeal to the most exacting user and may convert a few paper-based artists!
  • Large working area
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Caters for both left and right-handed artists
  • 18 hour battery life
  • Larger size means less transportable