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Edifier Gx High-fidelity Gaming Headset Edifier Gx High-fidelity Gaming Headset
Edifier Gx High-fidelity Gaming Headset 3

The quality of your headset can make or break your gameplay, being able to pinpoint that footstep could mean all the difference between protecting your kill streak or laying in a heap on the floor. The Gx High-fidelity Gaming Headset from Edifier is a wired headset that comes with large 50mm titanium diaphragm drivers and is Hi-Res Audio certified.

There is a good amount of padding around the earcups and across the headband all encased in a leatherette material for comfortable wearing over long sessions, there is a reasonable amount of breathability, but you sacrifice some for a decent seal around the ear. The volume can be adjusted quickly and smoothly with a rolling dial, there are also buttons to switch between the gaming and music modes. The built in LEDs in the earcups will turn on and off with a tap and switch between eight colourful lights. There is a retractable mic which feels super sci fi when you pull it out to chat to your teammates, but this might be awkward for those with large fingers and very short nails. The mic itself is ok, the vocals are clear but perhaps a little quieter than we would like for this price range. The ENC Dual Mic noise cancellation is effective at blocking out the sounds of the world including your keyboard.

The 96KHz/24-bit high resolution decoding transmission together bring you a high-fidelity sound quality producing clear and detailed tones for both immersive gaming and enjoying your music. The Gx have multi-platform compatibility thanks to the included type C/USB/3.5MM audio jack, the issue however is if you use these with a console and the jack you will lose some of the features powered by the USB which is a shame. We want to love these, we know what a great job Edifier can do when it comes to cans but these didn’t blow us away, they were good but for the asking price we expected more, especially as they are wired, they are probably best for the PC games with comfort being a priority. RRP £89.99

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A reasonable headset best suited for PC gamers.
  • Long wearing comfort
  • 96kHz/24bits decoding
  • Effective noise cancelling
  • Retractable microphone
  • RGB lights
  • Some features lost when using the jack
  • Mic is average
  • Mic can be difficult for chunky fingers to extend