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A strong pelvic floor is important for bladder and bowel control, a better sex life and faster recovery post-partum however, targeting those muscles for a workout isn’t always so easy. The KegalSmart from Intimina has been designed as a personal pelvic floor trainer which sets a routine that is simple to follow, safe to use, and completely tailored to your individual needs. All it takes is 5 minutes everyday and you could see improvements in just 12 weeks, it is constructed from 100% medical grade silicone and has a retraction cord for ease of removal. Every time you exercise the KegelSmart registers the strength, endurance, and reaction speed of your pelvic floor muscles, based on your strength and endurance in each session, KegelSmart adjusts the exercise level to fit your needs, automatically selecting the perfect routine for you and ensuring that you are always improving.

The KegelSmart will coach you through each routine with gentle vibrations, all you have to do is follow the vibrations, contract the muscles when it vibrates and rest when it stops, easy, simply turn it on, fully insert the device into your vagina, keeping the retraction cord outside the body for easier removal after your workout and the 3 quick vibrations will indicate the start of the exercise routine. You can track your progress through 5 progressive strength levels, when you turn KegelSmart on, a flashing LED light indicates your current level. The fact that the KegelSmart is a stand-alone product is rather refreshing, no apps or Bluetooth connection to worry about making the whole training process simpler and therefore easier to stick to. The KegelSmart has been developed with the support of a medical advisory board, including gynaecologists and pelvic health experts, it is FDA-cleared and CE-marked. The KegelSmart is so straightforward to use, it ensures the right muscles are being worked and it will gently push you into improving your strength and resulting in a noticeable difference over time. RRP £69.95.

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An intuitive pelvic floor trainer that can strengthen your muscles with a 5minute workout each day.
  • Registers pelvic strength and automatically sets exercise level
  • Vibration-guided program
  • Improves the tone and strength of your pelvic floor
  • Convenient cord for easier removal
  • Some may prefer to record results on an app
  • Uses a AAA battery, not rechargeable