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Triabeauty Age-Defying Laser Triabeauty Age-Defying Laser
Triabeauty Age-Defying Laser

The Age-Defying Laser from Triabeauty aims to fight the key signs of aging by using a laser to promote the natural collagen renewal process in as little as two weeks.

Tria has been created with the help from dermatologists and plastic surgeons, the Age-Defying Laser uses the same technology as professional clinics and salon treatments. The laser might sound rather terrifying but it is nothing to worry about we promise, known as “fractional non-ablative laser treatments” it works by sending light beams below the skins surface and essentially lightly damaging the cells there, because your body is a clever thing it then gets to work at repairing these cells. Your body will use collagen and elastin to repair these cells with the aim of the overall results being bright, smoother and younger looking skin. The laser is built into a rather large unit that fits comfortably in the hand and moves easily around the face, it is worth noting it is designed exclusively for your face and not the rest of your body.

It is recommended that the Tria is used daily for eight weeks to see the full benefits it can provide. When using the laser your face is divided into four different zones that are targeted individually, you need to dedicate a little bit of time to your treatments depending which level you have it set on, the higher the level the longer it takes. The time can vary depending on how well the contact sensors connect to various parts of the skin, it seems to be less likely to connect to very bony areas of your face (to protect your skin from damage), but sessions mostly lasted 20-30mins max. The pacing beeps will guide you through the treatment and the laser will turn itself off automatically when the full treatment time is complete, it is worth trying to do it at the same time each day to give your skin time to recover from each treatment. You will actually see the best results about 2 weeks after you complete your final treatment, it is important to take a four week rest after the 8 week course for your skin to fully heal and then if you wish you can start another 8 weeks treatment. Another thing to consider is how your skin looks immediately after a treatment, you will go red, especially in the beginning this is why you start on the lowest setting and work your way up.

The redness looks like sunburn so it might be best to use the laser just before bed, the Tria Finishing Serum can be used afterwards to cool the skin and prevent it drying out. The treatments tread the line between tickling and an uncomfortable prickling sensation, it is a manageable feeling and never painful, I was surprised by how intense it can feel at times but at least you know it’s doing something. After a few weeks of use my skin appeared brighter and felt a little firmer this might be because I am paying more attention than normal but there did seem to be a more healthy glow, I didn’t notice any dramatic effects on my lines but even with these small changes I have faith there will be some improvement. The Age-Defying Laser requires some dedication and discipline to complete the full 8 weeks but with seeing positive results so early on we are confident it is worth both the money and time. RRP £450

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The treatments can take a little time and can even be uncomfortable at times but it does seem to produce genuine improvements to the look of your skin.
  • Boost the collagen reproduction
  • Straightforward to use
  • Automatically shuts off after treatment
  • Results seen as early as 2 weeks
  • Salon grade technology
  • FDA approved
  • Contact sensors protect unsuitable skin
  • Treatments can be uncomfortable at higher levels
  • Skin is left temporarily red
  • Treatments can take time