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Devolo Home Control Starter Pack Devolo Home Control Starter Pack
Devolo Home Control Starter Pack 4.5

The Devolo Home Control Starter Pack comes with a range of tools to upgrade your home into a smart home, it includes the Devolo Home Control Central Unit (W/H/D: 72 x 132 x 42 mm), Devolo Home Control Smart Metering Plug (W/H/D: 57.7 x 94.5 x 76.6 mm), Devolo Home Control Door/Window Contact (Sensor: W/H/D: 28 x 96 x 23 mm, Magnet: W/H/D: 10 x 50 x 12 mm) including batteries and mounting material and a 2m ethernet cable.

The three main components provide you with a solid foundation for entering into the smart home world, the central control unit is the brains behind the Devolo units, ensuring that everything remains connected. The Home Control Door/Window Contact delivers peace of mind by alerting you to unauthorised access be it your front door, windows or cupboard doors and drawers and it will sound an alarm if something isn’t right. The Smart Metering Plug can be used to switch the lights on and off, control your radiators and even switch on the coffee machine just before you wake and thanks to the intelligent electrical socket it can even warn you if the refrigerator has been left open.

This kit has been made future-proof with the standardised Z-Wave wireless technology that comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. This kit is also compatible with Google Home via a Google Home or Google Home Mini Smart Speaker, it can be connected to Amazon Echo and the Philips Hue smart lighting system. Installation is surprisingly straightforward and has so far proved reliable. The Smart Metering Plug is a bit of a chunk which could make it awkward to fit in tighter spaces but other than that this is a trustworthy and low-cost introduction into the smart home world. RRP £179.99

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Add some extras

Devolo Home Control Room Thermostat
The Devolo Home Control Room Thermostat when combined with the Devolo Home Control Radiator Thermostats lets you set a comfortable temperature in all areas of your home all from the comfort of your sofa, built with an intuitive interface, the thermostat will automatically compensate for the temperature differences that normally exist between your favourite spot and the radiator. This thermostat can also be used as a handy switch that can centrally control all radiators connected via the devolo Home Control Radiator Thermostat. RRP £79.99
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Devolo Home Control Motion Sensor

The Devolo Home Control Motion Sensor adds some security protection to your own home, the wireless PIR Motion Sensor is discrete enough to can be tucked away in a corner of a room and can keep watch up to 90 degrees. This sensor will record any movement inside and wirelessly report back to notify you if anything unusual is detected in your home. It can be used to create certain actions when motion is detected, for example automatically switching on a light for when you arrive home. RRP 49.99

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Devolo Home Control Wall Switch

The Home Control Wall Switch adds an extra layer of versatility to your smart kit, use it to control the heat from the master bedroom or switch to energy saving mode on your way out of the door. This switch comes with adhesive foil which makes it easy to place anywhere in the home, on the side of your bed, edge of your desk or next to the coat rack, the decision is yours. The two different rocker switches, one with two programmable buttons and the other with four, can be utilised in whatever way you want. RRP £39.99

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The Devolo Home Control Starter Pack and accessories are easy to install and connect as well as being straightforward to use making it a low cost but high performing smart home upgrade, link it all up to a voice assistant and you will never have to leave your sofa again.
  • Robust devices
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable connection
  • Low cost
  • Customise your set up