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KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker 5KSMICM KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker 5KSMICM
KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker 5KSMICM 4

Today has been the hottest day of the year, it was still 30 degrees at 5pm and all I want to eat is ice cream, in fact I’ve already had an ice lolly and ice cream bites, it is too hot for anything else, lucky for us we had supplies in the house but imagine the horror if we didn’t, what would we do?

Well, if you are lucky enough to have a KitchenAid tilt-head stand mixer (excluding the 5KSM3) you can get the Ice Cream Maker attachment and make your very own ice cream, as well as slushies and sorbets. The 5KSMICM comes with a 1.9L ice cream bowl, dasher and drive assembly. To make ice cream you will need to store the bowl in your freezer for at least 16 hours until it is completely frozen, you can make up to 1.4 L of ice cream batter. Fasten the bowl to the stand mixer, attach the drive assembly and the dasher, add your ice cream batter to the bowl and mix for 20 to 30 minutes on speed 1, then serve straight away or freeze in an airtight container for later. The improved bowl design stays colder for longer, giving you more time to churn and get that ice cream thicker and creamier, the dasher rotates quickly to thoroughly mix the batter, spreading and scraping the tiny ice crystals off the walls of the frozen bowl, and incorporating air.

The faster the mix freezes the smaller the ice crystals, smaller ice crystals mean you avoid gritty and grainy ice cream, no one wants that, no matter how sunny it is. Once you have finished with the ice cream maker the dasher and drive assembly can go in the dish washer, and when the bowl is room temp it can be washed out with soap and warm water. There is plenty of inspiration on the KitchenAid website to get you experimenting with small batches of different ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt, playing with flavours and consistencies. Before you get excited it is worth noting the bowl measures up at 17.8cm H x 27.9cm W x 21.6cm D and you will need to dedicate this space to store the bowl, however you can tuck some bits inside and leave it there full time, which means it is ready to use on a whim. RRP £129

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Treat yourself this somewhere with home made ice cream on demand.
  • produces thick, creamy and crystal free ice cream
  • Also makes slushies, sorbet, frozen yogurt and more
  • Bowl stays colder for longer
  • Frozen treats in under 30 minutes (excluding pre-freeze)
  • Easily connects to your stand mixer
  • Needs 16hours to freeze the bowl
  • Not everyone will have space in the freezer
  • Bowl not dishwasher proof