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Crewsaver Ergofit Plus 290 Crewsaver Ergofit Plus 290
Crewsaver Ergofit Plus 290 5

Life on the water is fun and exciting, probably due to the unpredictability of it all, the means that for a safe trip it is essential the correct safety gear is worn. The ErgoFit Plus 290 is from Crewsaver’s ultimate lifejacket collection which was launched in 2012 and redesigned what they created for safety, comfort and style afloat. This whole collection focuses on a high level of construction, with good looks but more importantly suits the tough environment and movements of the wearer. The ErgoFit 290 OC is a 3D-moulded lifejacket for those working in the most extreme sea environments or for serious ocean sailors facing the full force of the elements. This lifejacket features an intelligent cut-away profile, only applying material where its needed, this ensures the complete natural movement of the entire upper body and torso, it will stay in place when raising your hands above your head and allow you to bend over without restriction.

This is ISO 12402-2 (275N) approved but with superior buoyancy (290N) it will float you higher in the water in the event of going overboard, the integrated bladder is distributed to provide a turning solution in less than three seconds. The 290 is AIS compatible (Automatic Identification System) for faster rescues, and it activates automatically on inflation, it is also compatible with MOB Lifesavers which attaches to the lifejacket and allows for securing the wearer to the boat while setting up the retrieval rig. This life jacket also includes a built-in inflatable chin support which tilts the neck back and keeps your airways clear whilst in the water, especially important if unconscious. There is a soft loop D-ring for attaching a safety harness and the whole jacket can be easily adjusted for a precise fit via the side waist adjusters. The Crewsaver Ergofit Plus 290 is a highly efficient and reliable lifejacket but with a design that is so unrestrictive and comfortable it allows you to simply pop it on and forget about it until the time is needed for it to go into action. RRP £289.99

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A comfortable and high performing life jacket suitable for the most extreme ocean environments.
  • ISO 12402-2 (275N)
  • 290N buoyancy floats you higher in the water
  • A built-in inflatable chin support
  • Provides turning solutions in less than three seconds
  • Well suited for extreme conditions
  • Dynamic cutaway for full freedom of movement
  • Compatible with MOB Lifesavers and AIS