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Cornilleau Softbats and Balls Cornilleau Softbats and Balls
Cornilleau Softbats and Balls 4

In our school we had two table tennis tables and in five years of PE lessons we were only allowed to play on them once, one classmate became a little overzealous, we lost the ball and that was the end of our table tennis lesson.

When we moved into our new home, I decided it was time to indulge my table tennis starved self and kit our garage out for the game, I never appreciated that it is actually a fairly energetic and rather difficult game. Annoyingly my partner was pretty good at it, I blamed his fancy schooling, the cheap bats and the breeze coming through the garage door so when the Cornilleau Softbats arrived I figured I would be a pro in no time. These paddles have been designed for outdoor use and to show their appreciation to the great outdoors they are also the world’s first eco-design table tennis bats. Believe it or not this ‘green’ racket is made from recycled clothing from former Amor Lux collections and end of life clothing, my old clothes just become cleaning rags! They are an ideal choice for training and educational use (you hear that old PE teacher Mr.Watson…EDUCATIONAL!). The grippy ergonomic handles are suitable for both adults and children alike and they are weather resistant thanks to the recycled thermoplastic blade making it resistant to impacts, UV rays and humidity, they also feature non-detachable covering.

The Softbats can be bought in packs of two or four or individually in a bold Green, Blue or Red design, the dynamic composite rubber gives this bat a good overall speed whilst the soft surface creates some spin but not too much that you immediately lose control. We received two sets of balls with the Softbats the ABS Evolution 3 (£3.25 for a box of 6) these 40mm white plastic competition balls have ITTF 3-star approval, they fit the criteria of the new balls approved by the ITTF and Table Tennis England for competition play. Now, I am not sure I will be competition ready anytime soon, but these highly responsive balls certainly give you a taste of the real thing. We also received the Outdoor balls (£4.95 for a box of 6) these 40mm balls have a more durable construction best suited for outside use, they are also heavier to prevent them getting blown off course, this slowed the game down a little making it much easier for beginners like me to return the ball. The Softbats are easy to use with a firm grip and a more forgiving game play, great for novices and those looking to enjoy the game outside, hopefully with some practise I can up my skills and finally beat my partner. RRP £26.95 (four pack).

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A strong and durable table tennis bat made from recycled materials.
  • Made from recycled clothes
  • Grip suitable for adults and children
  • Provides a little spin but not too much
  • Good for educational or training practise
  • Heavier outdoor balls offer more control
  • ABS Evolution balls approved by the ITTF
  • Durable for outside use